AMB Milling Motor 530 FME 230V (for standard collets)

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Powerful universal motor with 530 watts - extremely robust and optimized for the most versatile... more
Product information "AMB Milling Motor 530 FME 230V (for standard collets)"

Powerful universal motor with 530 watts - extremely robust and optimized for the most versatile applications:
For use in e.g.: CNC gantries (routers), routers, milling jigs, drill stands, flexible shaft applications....
Slimest, weight-optimized design for optimum handling Stainless steel motor flange with double bearing for higher milling forces - receptacle Ø 43 mm, so-called "Eurobund".
Problem-free cutter change - simple and fast due to spindle lock The electronics are perfectly protected by a complete potting against dust and external influences for longer life - in comparison, other suppliers often work with unprotected electronics.
Original carbon brushes Made in Germany - with integrated shutdown. This prevents the collector from being damaged when the carbon is worn out. Additional silicone cushions between carbon and contact spring ensure long service life due to vibration damping. The collet holder corresponds to the original holder from eh. Kress for standard collets - compatible with almost all suppliers.
Lightweight at only 1.3 kg. Exceptionally slim design for the smallest possible space requirement during installation and ergonomically comfortable handling during free use, e.g. as a straight grinder or similar.

Absorbed power:530 Watt
Speed:27000 1/min
Attachment to the portal:Spannhals 43mm
Weight :1,4 kg
Power Supply :Netzanschluss 4 m
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Milling motor, precision collet chuck, union nut, operating instructions, run-out test certificate.

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