AMB Power Drill 1200 HTC 230V

Einzigartiger Sicherheitsstop mit Gyroscop Steuerung

AMB Power Drill 1200 HTC 230V

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Compact power drill for high torque work (wood-wood joints, wood-steel joints, wood-concrete... more
Product information "AMB Power Drill 1200 HTC 230V"

Compact power drill for high torque work (wood-wood joints, wood-steel joints, wood-concrete joints, steel-steel joints,...). Powerful 1200 watt motor with integrated direction of rotation switch Brush switching enables maximum torque in clockwise and counterclockwise rotation 3-stage gear reduction for high torque Individual torque settings for safe drilling and screwing through adjustable current cut-off limit Stepless speed adjustment through preselection wheel and through sensitive "speed switch" Electronics with position sensor (gyro sensor) switches off the device in the event of rapid, unintentional changes in position and protects the operator from work accidents Also suitable as a formwork drill or for stirring Metal quick-action drill chuck Ø 13 mm with high clamping force Mains cable with patent quick-action lock and rubber supply cable.

Absorbed power:1200 Watt
Speed:70...530 1/min
Attachment to the portal:Spannhals 43mm
max. drilling diameter in softwood:70 mm
maximum screw diameter in softwood :16 mm
max. screw diameter in softwood:12 mm
max. torque in softwood:65 Nm
maximum torc in steel :110 Nm
disc holder :ss aufnahme mm
disc mounting :ss befstigung mm
Weight :2,7 kg
Right/Left Switch:rl
Power Supply :Netzkabelmodul 4 m


F: What exactly does the gyroscope control?

A: The built-in gyroscope responds to sudden movements of the machine, such as those that occur when a drill bit is snagged or a large wood screw is stuck. If there is a sudden jerk, the machine is immediately disconnected from the power.

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Drill, power cord module, belt hook, angle attachment, quick-action drill chuck, instruction manual.

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