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The standard collets from AMB are manufactured under the highest quality standards in Germany.... more
Product information "Standard collets (2-10 mm)"

The standard collets from AMB are manufactured under the highest quality standards in Germany. This collet system was created by Kress in the 90's and is considered the standard setter in this area. In the meantime, many competitors have copied this system. It is still considered a classic, but is increasingly being replaced by the ER16 collet system (industry standard)


A high concentricity of the tool is always characterized by the perfect interaction of the angle and surface of the collet holder in the milling motor, the union nut and the collet itself. 

Often, cheap products are chosen for collets whose angle and surface tolerances are poor. Here a high quality concentricity is not possible, despite the fact that a concentricity of a few Mhy tolerance is advertised.


When using the AMB system of milling motor, collet and union nut, the system runout tolerance is max. 0.05 mm.



F: Was bedeutet "Standard" Spannzange? A: Dieses System wurde in den 80-er Jahren maßgeblich von Kress mitentwickelt und war damals führend. Noch heute wird es von vielen Marktbegleitern kopiert.

F: Wie unterscheidet sich das erwähnte ER16 System vom Standard? A: Das ER System ist eine Weiterentwicklung der Standard Spannzangensystems. Die Norm der ER-Reihe ist ein Industriestandard. Die Systemgenauitkeit ist dabei höher als beim Standard, die Stabilität ebenso. Ein weiterer Unterschied ist die Rundlauf-Wiederholgenauigkeit. Diese ist beim ER16 System 3x besser als beim Standard System.

F: Was bedeutet Rundlauf-Wiederholgenauigkeit? A: Der Unterschied in der Rundlauftoleranz vom Einspannen eines Werkzeuges zum Nächsten.

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F: What does "standard" mean? Collet? A: This system was significantly co-developed by Kress in the 80-ies and was leading at that time. Even today, it is copied by many market competitors.


F: How does the ER16 system mentioned differ from the standard? A: The ER system is an evolution of the standard collet system. The standard of ER series is an industry standard. The system accuracy is higher than the standard, and so is the stability. Another difference is the concentricity repeatability. This is 3x better with the ER16 system than with the standard system.


F: What does runout repeatability mean? A: The difference in runout tolerance from clamping one tool to the next.

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