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As a manufacturer of hand- and machine-controlled milling motors and milling spindles for CNC gantries, AMB-ELEKTRIK builds the highest quality German products, based on the well-known milling motors of the former Kress power tools. 


Milling motors – for every user


AMB offers the world's largest portfolio of milling motors single equipment from CNC tool changers to milling gearboxes for bear strong router applications. 

The high-performance spindles find their use in the demanding hobby self-construction portalal operator to the industrial user in three-shift operation. Whether aluminum or wood, circuit boards or Dibond, graphite or fiberglass - there is (almost) nothing that our milling motors do not get small. Installed in milling tables, routers or even as a straight grinder attachment with flexible shaft, AMB milling motors are at home in many industries.

You are looking for a drive for your special solution


Your special applications are our challenge. Whether built-in motor with gear train or external control of the components from a higher-level PLC control. Customized solutions are our specialty.

The production site is located in Bisingen in the Zollernalbkreis between Balingen and Hechingen at the foot of the world-famous Hohenzollern Castle.
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